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recyclable waste separator machine from our recycling business


If you see an opportunity, take it! We started renting a small space for our recycling business from which we were buying just aluminum cans and plastic. Then for personal reasons the owners of a recycler needed to close their business and we saw the opportunity to start our own recycling business.

We spoke with Mr. West about our intentions to start our own recycling business and with his support our dream came true. Now we had a business, however at the time we were about to become parents and my wife took care of the cash register, while I started taking care of the place.

After a few months, my father stated supporting us not only financially but working at our business. We did not have any type of machinery, that entails we had to do everything ourselves, it was hard work. Our desire to have this business was great and it took a great effort to maintain it, promote it and keep it going.

It was not until last year that we saw benefits and profits, it was then that we decided to get a forklift. Then the business started to grow, we had more clients, and we got a bigger space.

We currently provide more services and with the required machinery is easier provide more and better services.

Junior’s Recycling business has grown, and we constantly work to provide better service, and best prices. We are here to serve you!

Juniors Recycling is Moving!

Due to zoning changes, we’re relocating. We are looking for a great location to meet all country, city, state, and federal requirements. Stay tuned for updates on our new location!