Construction Recycling-Scrap Metal Buyers Of Demolition

General Contractors are starting to incorporate the removal and purchase of scrap metal into their overall project bids for both large and small scale job sites.

When the price of scrap metal is high, general contractors can easily add thousands of dollars to their bottom line just by removing and transporting scrap metal from a job site to a scrap metal recycling in Phoenix. General contractors with large amounts of scrap metal will typically get the best scrap metal prices in Phoenix due to the large volume of material that they have access to.

The most common types of scrap metal that scrap yards will see from general contractors are copper tubing, insulated copper wire, brass fittings, air conditioning units, sewer pipes, lead flashing, Romex wire, metal air ducting, copper pipes and other types of metal.

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Demolition Contractors

Demolition Contractors in Phoenix, Arizona have always provided Phoenix scrap yards with a large amount of scrap metal. Unlike other types of contractors, demolition crews will bring a large amount of scrap metal to a recycling facility in a short amount of time. I Buy Scrap Recycling buys all types of scrap metal from demolition contractors across the valley. I Buy Scrap Recycling also offers high sided trailers and tractors for the transport of scrap metal to our recycling center in Phoenix, Arizona.


Road Construction Contractors

Road Construction Contractors also produce large volumes of scrap metal to Recycling centers in Phoenix, Arizona. Scrap metal from road and bridge construction usually comes in the form of sewer pipes, drainage pipes, manhole covers and other types of structural steel. Since most of this scrap metal comes in oversized pieces I Buy Scrap Recycling has large sized cranes, forklifts and front end loaders n site at our recycling centers to help you unload this material off of your trucks when it comes into our scrap metal yard in Phoenix.


Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors working on new commercial buildings and single family housing projects can easily produce thousands of pounds of scrap insulated copper wire each week. All of this unwanted scrap will eventually makes its way into Scrap metal yards in Phoenix, Arizona.
The most common types of scrap materials found on electrical contractors job sites are scrap copper wire, scrap aluminum wire, scrap metal conduit and all types of light fixtures. Junior’sRecycling Phoenix provides Electrical contractors with the best scrap metal prices in Phoenix each day.


HVAC Contractors

Heating and Air Conditioning contractors come into contact with scrap ac units, scrap chillers, scrap boilers and scrap heat exchangers every day while they are on both large and small scale job sites. Commercial property managers don’t want to go through the trouble of hauling these unwanted scrap metals off to the landfill so HVAC contractors more often than not find themselves with an abundance of free scrap metal in Phoenix. Since most HVAC companies stockpile large amounts of scrap material before they dispose of it they can typically get a better scrap price for large quantities. I Buy Scrap Recycling buys all types of scrap metal from HVAC Contractors.

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