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Like many other industries the auto industry produces a lot of both ferrous and non ferrous scrap materials that are widely purchased by scrap yards and auto recycling facilities.

Junior’sRecycling purchases all types of automotive scrap including junk cars, catalytic convertors, wiring harnesses, bumpers, fenders, mufflers, rotors, doors, transmissions, engines etc.

Junk Cars

If you have an end of life vehicle that you no longer want, then bring it in and we will pay you cash for your junk car, truck, van or SUV. I Buy Scrap Recycling buys all running, non running, smashed or end of live vehicles. All vehicles must have a title in order to be recycling by a junk yard.

Catalytic Convertors

We buy all types of catalytic convertors from both foreign and domestic cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s. We buy scrap catalytic convertors from both gas and diesel running vehicles. We only purchase catalytic convertors from automotive shops, muffler shops, repair shops and licensed companies. No Exceptions.

Wiring Harnesses

Wiring harnesses from all types of makes, models and years of vehicles are purchased by our non ferrous department. Scrap wiring harnesses have their own category of scrap material so call and ask us for current scrap wiring harness pricing.


We purchase all types of scrap bumpers from all makes, models of vehicles. We also purchase bumper covers but they need to be bundled. Bumpers are typically considered Unprepared steel or can also be categorized as sheet iron.


Newer vehicles are being produced with metal, plastic and aluminum fenders. Each fender has a different scrap metal category with different pricing being paid for each category. Your company will benefit the most financially by separating your fenders into plastic, sheet metal and aluminum. Call us to buy your scrap fenders.


Similar to fenders newer vehicles are being produced with both metal and aluminum hoods. Your company should separate your hoods into, sheet metal and aluminum. We buy all types of scrap hoods.


We purchase all types of mufflers. Mufflers can be categorized as sheet metal or unprepared metal. We purchase all types of scrap mufflers.


Rotors are very dense heavy pieces of steel and are categorized as the highest grade of scrap metal “prepared steel”. To ensure the highest value, do not mix this steel with lessor categories such as sheet iron and unprepared steel. We buy all types of scrap rotors.


Transmissions most be drained of all oil prior to being brought to the scrap yard. Contaminated transmissions will not be purchased under any circumstance. Transmissions are categorized as a lower grade cast aluminum but are worth considerably more than scrap “sheet metal”. We buy all types of scrap transmissions.

Engine Blocks

Engine blocks most be drained of all oil prior to being brought to the scrap yard. Contaminated engines will not be purchased or allowed on the premises under any circumstance. Engine blocks do not have to be complete. They can also be damaged, or in any working on non working condition. We buy all types of scrap engines, and scrap motor blocks

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