Manufacturing Recycling Centers-Scrap Metal Buyers

Manufacturers across all product sectors produce an exorbitant amount of scrap materials. I Buy Scrap Recycling team of recycling experts works with all types of manufacturing facilities to provide them with a waste diversion program that suits their companies goals and objectives.


Revenue From Your Cast Offs

If your manufacturing plant produces any type of ferrous on non ferrous materials then we would like to help you turn your scrap materials into a viable revenue stream.

We have a fleet of roll off trucks that are equipped with all sizes of bins, barrels and roll off dumpsters for your manufacturing facilities. We have a team of experts who can help you with your waste diversion needs.



Junior’sRecycling purchases all types of scrap bushling. If you are a manufacturer who is producing uncoated clippings or stamping off cuts from rolled steel or other products we want to talk to you about this material.



We purchase all sizes and types of off cuts from steel and metal fabricating shops. If you have any type of scrap steel for sale please feel free to call our dedicated scrap sales team today.


Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste, or E-Waste is becoming more popular in the scrap metal industry. E-waste can range from computers, printers, hard drives, mother boards or any type of electronic materials. I Buy Scrap Recycling purchases all types of electronic waste from manufacturing.

Juniors Recycling is Moving!

Due to zoning changes, we’re relocating. We are looking for a great location to meet all country, city, state, and federal requirements. Stay tuned for updates on our new location!