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Red Brass

Scrap red brass is made up of tin, copper and zinc. It has a higher content of copper than scrap yellow brass. Where yellow brass has approximately 60-70% copper content, red brass will have between 70-80% copper content.

Typical usages: Back Flow valves, water heater valves.


Red Brass Contaminated

Scrap contaminated red brass is red brass scrap that has other trace elements attached to the brass other than just thered brass. For example, contaminated red scrap brass may have items such as plastic, metal, glue etc.,attached to it.

Typical usages: Commercial brass valves, water heater valves.

Yellow Brass

Scrap Yellow Brass is composed of both copper and zinc. Brass varies in its type according to how much copper and zinc go into the end product. Typical yellow brass has approximately 60-70 % copper content and 30-40% zinc.
Yellow brass gets its designation simply by its “yellow” coloring. Yellow brass can be both dull and shiny in appearance.

Typical usages: keys, faucets, candle stick holders, drum symbols Scrap Yellow Brass Phoenix.


Yellow Brass Contaminated

Scrap contaminated yellow brass is yellow brass scrap that has other trace elements affixed to the brass other than yellow brass. For example, contaminated yellow scrap brass will have plastic, metal, glue etc, attached to it.

Typical usages: Brass valves, water heater valves.


Brass Shells

Scrap Yellow Brass shells are ammunition casings made out of yellow brass. Yellow brass shells are made up of both copper and zinc.

Typical usage: ammunition


Brass Shells Contaminated

Scrap contaminated brass shells are ammunition casings consisting of yellow brass whose primers are made up of steel. Contaminated yellow brass shells are easily identified. Simply run a magnet over the yellow brass casings and if the magnet sticks to it you will have already identified which casings are contaminated and which ones are not.

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