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Printing companies have various items that are used in their everyday business that eventually make there way into scrap yards in Phoenix.


Aluminum Printing Plates

Aluminum printing plates are more expensive than there metal counterparts but like metal they eventually wear out. When an aluminum printing plate has run its course they are often sold to scrap metal yards in Phoenix, Arizona.


Aluminum Printing Press Rollers

Aluminum printing press rollers are used in many printing facilities today. The lifespan of an aluminum roller will very depending on the size of the machine and the amount the machine is used. When an aluminum roller wears out they are no useful anymore and are often sold to scrap yards as aluminum printing press roller scrap. These aluminum are often mid to high grade aluminum and command a strong scrap metal price in Phoenix, Arizona.


Printing Presses

Printing presses that have become obsolete are extremely heavy pieces of equipment and need to be either taken out of a printing facility by either a crane of a large 8,000 LB forklift. Since these printing presses are non functional they are often sold as scrap printing presses to scrap metal facilities in Phoenix, Arizona. These machines are typically considered “heavy torch” scrap metal or unprepared steel.

Junior’sRecycling purchases all types of scrap aluminum printing plates, aluminum printing press rollers, and scrap printing presses from printing companies in Phoenix, Arizona.

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