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Steel Pipes

There are many different types and application for steel pipes. Whatever the usage or the application of steel pipe I Buy Scrap Recycling will purchase all types, sizes and quantities of scrap steel pipe that you may have.


Storm Sewer Pipe

When storm sewer pipe is no longer needed or needs to be replaced we work with construction companies to help them get rid of their scrap sewer pipe. We purchase all diameters, lengths and quantities of scrap sewer pipe.


Cast Iron Soil Pipe

Cast Iron waste piping was used in residential housing until the early 70’s and is still used in many commercial applications and it is a large part of the scrap metal that comes into many scrap yards. I Buy Scrap Recycling purchase all sizes, and quantities of scrap Cast Iron Soil Pipe.


Corrugated Steel Sewer and Drainage Pipe

Sewer and drainage pipe removal usually involve large construction companies to replace and remove and recycling companies to purchase the material. I Buy Scrap Recycling works with many of Arizona’s largest construction and road building companies to help them rid themselves of their scrap sewer pipe and scrap drainage pipe. We buy all types and sizes of this scrap metal.


Welded Stainless Steel Mechanical Tubing

Stainless Steel Mechanical tubing is used where corrosion resistance is needed. It is often used in exhaust and structural applications. I Buy Scrap Recycling purchases all types of scrap stainless steel mechanical tubing regardless of the application that it is used for. We buy any size and wall thickness of scrap stainless steel tubing.

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